Share digital/new media innovations and practices that have the potential to impact creative arts therapists and interrelated professions.

Showcase and test digital media community building possibilities through pre-recorded, live in-person and VR interactive activities.

Generate dialogue between arts therapists and those in adjacent research, educational and creative communities.

Generate content from which to develop an evidence-base for therapeutic digital media inclusion and further funding.

Generate networks and ideas to develop collaborations for research and reflective practices.


The Digital International Creative Arts Therapies Symposium (DICATS) is a unique 24-hour multi-site web-based peer-reviewed symposium. DICATS aims to bring together practitioners in the fields of arts and arts therapies around the world to learn about usages of digital devices, new media, and immersive tools for therapeutic and educational interventions. DICATS will expand existing arts therapies’ education and therapy practices, showcase innovative work, and promote interdisciplinary collaborations and conversations across the globe.


Contributors will include digital innovators, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of
arts and arts therapies; eHealth; game design for health, and digital technology for social justice.


The symposium will comprise live streaming to participants across 24 hours and will
connect five or more host sites (to be confirmed) across the globe: Singapore; London, UK; Philadelphia and Los Angeles, USA and Vancouver, Canada.


Each site will offer experiential activities for local audiences that will be shared with, and responded to, by participants later on in the day.

The symposium content will combine live and pre-recorded presentations, and interactions between sites using social media, and instant messaging.

A recording of this unique 24-hour event will be available for a time-limited period so all
participants’ can access the complete symposium.

Anticipated local activities:

Virtual reality immersive experiences
Pilot and feasibility testing of new digital products
Shared art-making
Q&A sessions with presenters





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