Natalie Carlton

Associate Professor and Director of Art Therapy and Counseling at Drexel University - Philadelphia

Ph.D., ATR-BC, LPCC - Natalie has a devoted interest in diverse media use and has engaged reflective art therapy practices with fabric crafts, clay, and sculpture, drawing, and painting, as well as sand play, photography, sound recording, printmaking, and digital media.

Sze-Chin Lee

Art Therapist, Artist, Art Educator - Singapore

Sze-Chin's recent research focuses on the impact of digital technologies on social, emotional and psychological wellbeing. He has been examining the use of affordable virtual reality and digital technology for collaborators and users to participate in immersive experiences. Sze-Chin believes that these technologies can stimulate the [re]imagining, and [re]construction of new meanings, narratives, identities and promote creative self-expression.

Michele Wood

Art Therapist and Teaching Fellow at University of Roehampton - London

Michele has worked extensively as an Art Therapist since 1987 and is a Winston Churchill Fellow. Her expertise is palliative care, with a research interest in digital technology in art therapy. Michele is an art therapist in a London hospice and a Principal Teaching Fellow at the University of Roehampton. 

Nancy Choe

Art Therapist, Artist - Los Angeles

Nancy is a licensed psychotherapist and art therapist. She is also a consultant for Autodesk, a global software corporation. Her research interest includes exploring new media art processes in art therapy practice, using art therapy approaches in narrative medicine, and applying user experience design (UXD) principles to enhance the mental health care experience for diverse clients.  

Sara Prins Hankinson

Art Therapist, Artist – Vancouver, Canada

Sara is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist.  As part of her work for BC Cancer, she is exploring ways of using technology to provide therapeutic services remotely.  She has helped design websites and digital tools, and leads online art therapy groups for people with cancer.

Nicola Avery

eLearning Adviser, Roehampton University - London

eLearning Adviser, Roehampton University. Over 18 years experience of designing online learning and collaboration activities with a variety of learning technologies and platforms in public, private and third sector organisations.

Arun Ramakrishnan

Director of Research Labs at CNHP Drexel University

Arun is a biomedical engineer and inventor, aiming to bring technologies and therapies together. As the Research Labs Director, Arun manages 30+ labs that conduct cutting-edge clinical and research projects including active video gaming, immersive and virtual reality environments, biomechanics, nutrition and metabolism, health-care, family counseling, and many more.​

Nick Jushchyshyn

Program Director - Animation Capture and Effects Lab (ACE-Lab) at Drexel University

Nick's research focuses on the development and application of production pipelines for VR/AR and other immersive media formats in areas including education, cultural heritage, medicine and narrative experiences. Nick directs the Westphal College's programs in Animation & VFX, Immersive Media and The Animation, Capture & Effects Lab (ACE-Lab), and provides faculty supervision to the student groups for Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH) and the Drexel University Virtual Reality Group (DUVR). 

Christiana Son

Graduate Student in Creative Arts Therapy and Counseling at Drexel University- Philadelphia

Christiana’s passion for social justice, human creativity, and a blooming interest in how technology may effect these realms have lead her to Philadelphia’s Drexel University. Previously, she had had the opportunity to work in New York and abroad in Morocco for specific community-focused settings. She is currently within her first year of the program and is looking forward to conducting research of her own utilizing VR and individual trauma narratives within a social justice context.

Benjamin Carlo

Undergraduate Student in Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University- Philadelphia

Benjamin intends to concentrate on Biomechanics and Human Performance to become an Orthotics and Prosthetics Practitioner after graduation. He wants to focus on pediatric prosthetics and orthotics and bring it together with his interest in Psychology. He is excited to use those tools to improve the overall life of children in need.

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