What are the requirements for being a "hive" host?

Each hive host will curate a 2 to 4-hour program composed of live-presentations and pre-recorded content to be broadcasted to the web audience. Hive host may invite their own live audience and depending on the size of the live audience, a hive host needs to provide comfortable seating and viewing space for local viewers/participants. Below are the hardware requirements of hosting:

  • Video: ONE (main) 360 video stream
  • Audio: Audio mixer for mixing various sources like presentation PC, lapel mic, hand mic, etc.
  • TV/Projector: If needed by the presenter
  • Vuze plus or equivalent 3D 360 camera with live streaming capabilities.
  • Primary desktop PC capable of handling the stream processing, upload, and recording.
  • Secondary laptop/desktop for interacting with core-team and social media.
  • Wired broadband internet service. Wifi not preferred.
  • Audio Mixer
Below are recommended Hive Team Personnel:
  • Primary coordinator: Selecting the hive-presentations, real-time coordination with the DICATS Core-team, queuing the speakers and the core to play pre-recorded videos, organizing Q&A
  • Host(s): On-camera personalities, introduce the speakers, asking the questions from curated Q&A
  • Hive support team: 2-4 members, AV support, Social media support, Audience coordinator (food, registration, etc.)
For more info, please contact info@dicats.org

When is the symposium happening?

The event date is planned for February 23, 2019.

What type of submission/proposal are you looking for?

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology or new media as an essential part of the creative making and/or presentation process. We are seeking pre-recorded presentations (either in traditional or 360 camera video) regarding the use of digital media for therapy, education, and research practices. Also, we are requesting audio and/or visual digital media artists to supply still images, video work, virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) projects, electronic or mixed component music or other aural works, and any mixed media possibilities for symposium showcasing as well.

These creative works may be finalized, still in process, or currently under experimentation. We are seeking that works that are pre-recorded and edited into a digital file format to broadcast the day of the symposium. However, we are also open to a few live performances that could occur at one of the DICATS hive sites. For live or pre-recorded digital works, we are also seeking artists who wish to participate actively in the symposium or for a Q&A session regarding their submitted work.

Please email the DICATS team if you have further questions or ideas to explore.

Who are the audience members?

The Digital International Creative Arts Therapies Symposium (DICATS) will be live streamed from half a dozen locations around the world and be open to students, practitioners, educators, and researchers as audience members.

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